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Lesson Zero, part 5
determined, gonna tolerate & love the SHIT outta you
Rarity doesn't need help. Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack don't need help. Fluttershy doesn't need help. Pinkie Pie wasn't even home when Twilight went to check if she needed help.

At a loss for anything else to do, Twilight has resorted to lying on a park bench, trying to keep herself from freaking out.

"It's fine. It'll all be fine. The day isn't over yet." She looks worriedly up at the afternoon sun. "But it will be over soon!"

Twilight groans and flops down on the bench again. "It'll be all over! My time in Ponyville, my advanced studies..." She stares down at her reflection in a rain puddle. She doesn't look like an advanced student of magic; she looks like a frightened, exhausted unicorn filly who just wants the day to be over. She pastes on her brightest smile. "Nono. You're a good student. You can do this." Ooh! But what if I can't? "You can. You just have to keep it together. Keep. It. Together."

She glares in determination at the pony in the puddle. Keep it together. Keep it together. Keepittogetherkeepittogetherkeepittogether.

She's vaguely aware of Spike saying something, but she's too focused to respond.



Twilight blinks up at Spike's angry reptilian face. "Huh?"

"Are you okay?"

...good question. Is she okay? She can still hear laughing. It's coming from three fillies playing jump rope, who don't seem to have noticed her in the slightest. She rubs her forehooves over her eyes, trying to clear her head.

Spike frowns. "Twilight, I'm really worried. I mean, this letter thing is really getting to you." He holds up a box tied with string--the box full of cupcakes from the bakery they got this morning. "Here. You've been so anxious all day that you completely forgot about the picnic. Why don't you just relax and go hang out with--"

"The picnic!" Of course! The picnic! All her friends will be there, and she can tell them her problem, and they'll be happy to help her out, right? Twilight telekinetically grabs the box and takes off for the field west of Ponyville. "I should go see my friends!"