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Lesson Zero, part 3
"No need to panic," Twilight murmurs to herself. "Rarity is just one pony. I'm sure one of my other friends will need me..."


The noise is coming from the direction of Sweet Apple Acres. As Twilight approaches the farm, she starts in surprise as a chunk of wood comes flying across the path and nearly clocks her in the face.

"What in the world...?"

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There's an old barn in the orchard. Or there was - now it almost looks like more hole than barn, with a rainbow-colored blur making more and bigger holes by the second.

Only one entity in Ponyville leaves a blur trail like that.

"Rainbow Dash must be angry with Apple Jack," realizes Twilight. "She must hate her guts! Oh, wonderful!" This is sure to lead to a friendship report!

Twilight charges purposefully up to the barn. "Rainbow Dash," she calls, "STOP!"

And just in case Dash doesn't hear the call, she telekinetically grabs the pegasus pony's tail for good measure.


Naturally, that stops Rainbow cold. So cold, in fact, that she's left hanging by her tail, where it's been grabbed. She's too stunned to do much more than look around in confusion, at the moment.

Which gives Twilight plenty of time to approach to a reasonable speaking distance.

"Listen, Rainbow. I know you're upset with Apple Jack, but don't worry. Whatever it is that has come between you two, I'm sure that I, as a good friend, can help you resolve your problems."

With that, she releases her magical grip on Rainbow Dash and lets her drop to the ground.

Rainbow is confused. Which probably has nothing to do with being dropped, but it didn't help.

"Uh, what're you talking about?"

Twilight chuckles and lays a hoof on Rainbow Dash's shoulder. "Oh, Rainbow Dash, you don't have to hide your feelings from me. I can tell you two must have had a terrible fight."

And before the pegasus pony quite knows what's happening, she's being settled onto a wooden bench while Twilight pulls out a clipboard and quill. "Now," says Twilight, "why don't you tell me all about your issues with Apple Jack?"

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This just keeps getting more confusing.

"I don't have any issues with Applejack."

"You don't?" Twilight looks confused. "Then why are you destroying her property?"

"Because she asked me to. Right, Applejack?"

Rainbow sits up as she calls out that last, and the earth pony in question sticks her head out of a nearby ditch. "Yes, ma'am," she confirms.

She takes off the helmet she's wearing, so as to talk more easily. "I wanted to put up a new barn, but this one's gotta come down first. Now get back to it, RD!"

"You got it, boss!" answers Rainbow Dash, taking to the air again. She's going to get the job done properly, this time.

Applejack, who's been here for the entire process, notices Twilight standing in the open. "I'd take cover if I were you," she offers, ducking back into the ditch.

Twilight is still a little bewildered. But when she sees Rainbow Dash stop her ascent and aim straight down at the barn, she starts to think that Apple Jack juuuust might have the right idea.

Straight down is the best way to gather speed. Letting out a primal scream of adrenaline, she dives.

Despite the ditch, both Applejack and Twilight end up buried under a light coating of dust and debris. Applejack digs herself out and leaps up out of the ditch.

Shortly thereafter, Twilight manages to extricate herself from the debris and limp away.

Nevermind that it's a waste of time; sticking around here could be seriously hazardous to her health.

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