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Lesson Zero, part 2
"You've got this, Twilight," says Twilight to herself as she trots through the busy streets of Ponyville. "You still have plenty of time to get that letter to Princess Celestia. There has to be somepony who needs the help of a good friend..."

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That scream sounds familiar...


Twilight bolts down the block and kicks open the door of Carousel Boutique.

"Don't worry, Rarity. I'm here!"

The other unicorn in question is sobbing on a raised platform.

"Why me-e-e-e? Why, why, whyyy? Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the worst possible thing!"

...oh, this is perfect. Twilight gallops to Rarity's side. "What's happened? Are you all right?"

Barely even glancing at Twilight, Rarity moans, "I've lost my diamond-encrusted purple ribbon! I have searched high! And I have searched low. Low and high! High and low." She gestures illustratively. "But I can't find it anywhere!"

Rarity's horn sparks to life as she summons a fainting couch, then flings herself on it. "Ev-ery-whe-he-he-here!" she sobs. "How can I possibly finish my latest creation if I can't find it!?"

Better and better. Twilight does her best to wipe the grin off her face before striking a Dramatic Pose. "Never fear, Rarity. As your friend, I'll do my best to help you fi--"

"Oh, there it is," remarks Rarity, not even realizing that she's cut Twilight off. "Isn't it always just the last place you look."

She is, of course, perfectly calm and composed.


"So... you... just lost your ribbon?"

Rarity cheerfully cuts up the ribbon into the pieces she needs, not even pausing as she answers Twilight.


"...and nothing else is bothering you? Nothing that I, as a good friend, could help you with?"

"Hmmm..." Rarity considers.

"There is one thing."

"Yes??" says Twilight eagerly.

"I think I left my measuring tape under the fabric over there," Rarity says, pointing. "Could you get that for me?"

Twilight sighs and magically pulls the tape out from under the piles of fabric. "Measuring tape. Sure."

Something in her tone finally registers with Rarity. "Twilight? Is there something bother-"

But as she looks up, Twilight isn't there.

"Twilight?" Rarity looks around, but nopony else is in the boutique.

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